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In order to make sure everything is ready for Flipside, we have a few work weekends scheduled. Typically, we're doing things like cleaning up trails, removing fallen trees and branches, clearing room for Art, and anything else that needs to get done prior to the event. If you're there, you'll be contributing to the work in some way. Don't worry, there's plenty of work for folks of all skills levels. And if you want to learn to do something you've not done before, we'll help you learn how. Some tools are supplied but feel free to bring your own favorite shovel, loppers, saw, etc.

These are camp outs (you are not required to stay overnight though), but the important thing is getting work done. NO DOGS on site during work weekends. Work weekends are self sustaining just like the event so bring plenty of food and water. It may be cold the first couple of work weekends - bring warm clothes and plenty of blankets if you're staying overnight or you will be very uncomfortable. Oh, and as long as we are allowed, we will burn limbs and have a fire at night.

All work weekends start at 6pm on Friday, and everyone has to be off the land by 3pm on Sunday.

  • Work Weekend 1: Feb 14-16
  • Work Weekend 2: Mar 15-17
  • Work Weekend 3: Apr 12-14
  • Work Weekend 4: May 3-5

Signup is below, let us know if you are coming! You may not be allowed on the property unless you have signed up with Edie before the work weekend.

SIGN UP HERE Signup Sheet

For more information or just have a question, you can contact the Work Weekend Comms Lead directly at