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Work Weekend Communications
Area: Site Prep
Current Lead: Saraphina
Contact: Contact


Area: Site Prep

The Work Weekend Communications Lead sends out information about work weekends (dates, things you need to know, etc.) and helps garner volunteer support for our outings to improve the land.

Responsibilities and Tasks

WHAT: Cleaning the beaches, road work, filling armadillo holes, killing fire ants, clearing trails, removing downed limbs and trees, repairing bridges, pulling the ever popular poison ivy, and doing whatever it takes to have the land in tip-top shape for the event.


WWI - February 20-21

WWII - March 26-27

WWIII - April 9-10

Shifts are:

SATURDAY - 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 6pm

SUNDAY – 10am to 2:00pm

WHY: Because we love our land!!!

The way it works: Email Saraphina at workweekendcomm16@burningflipside if you would like to volunteer for a shift(s)…we will put together teams and tackle the most important projects first!

Nitty Gritty Info/Disclaimers: Site prep volunteers can get on land on Friday nights after 6:00 p.m. and can stay through Sunday, late afternoon; You can volunteer for one or more shifts; . It’s up to you to decide if you want to stay and work all weekend, four hours, or just one day. We ask that folks plan on working at least one shift if they come out to the land.

If you work one, two or all of these posted work weekends, you will be give the secret handshake information to attend the fourth fun-filled appreciation work weekend for the volunteers who worked so hard to make the land beautimus!

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Work Weekend Communications

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Work Weekend Communications


Previous Leads

  • 2015 Shugabear
  • 2014 Shugabear
  • 2013 Saraphina
  • 2012 Shortcake (Julie Nodine)