Work Weekend Tools and Supplies

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Work Weekend Tools and Supplies
Area: Site Prep
Current Lead: Bill Hawker


Area: Site Prep

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We can't work the land with just our hands, yo. Well, we could, but after some trial and error, we discovered using tools aids the efficiency of this process. The Work Weekend Tools and Supplies Lead is charged with borrowing tools (as needed) to work on the event site, securing rentals (as needed), and checking out any warehouse tools for use over work weekends. Also, this lead is responsible for coordinating getting the tools to and from the site. You don't have to be able to haul them there yourself, but knowing someone with a truck or two wouldn't be a bad thing for this lead.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Getting the tools to the work site and returning the tools to the Warehouse after each work weekend. They may also have to secure rentals of equipment as well maintenance of the hand tools and chain saws.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Site Sign off uses the same hand tools that the Work Weekend Tools Lead is in charge of.

Volunteer to Help the Work Weekend Tools and Supplies

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the Site Prep AF.

Current Work Weekend Tools and Supplies

Bill Hawker

Previous Leads