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Zone Czars (Greeters) need a TON of volunteers!! Please signup here: Signup Sheet

Shifts: Open slots:
Wednesday 3pm-7pm
Wednesday 7pm-11pm Jic Clubb
Thursday 8:45am-2pm Jic Clubb
Thursday 2pm-7pm
Thursday 7pm-Midnight
Friday 8:45am-2pm

Zone Czars are our volunteers that welcome theme camps to each of the zones on the map at Flipside. Each Zone Czar will work with the Zone Zero and the InterZone during their shift to make sure that people find their theme camp location on the map, show them their camp boundaries and to welcome them to Flipside!

Zone Zero is located at Greeters and relays info about incoming theme camps to the appropriate Zone Czar greeter station. This is especially important for the arrival of large vehicles. They will also coordinate with Gate to relay Art and Sound to the appropriate Art and Sound Leads.

InterZone Coordinator/Lieutenant will help resolve any boundary issues or any other developments that may need assistance.

Hours of operations for the Zone Czars are five hour shifts on Thursday and Friday 9AM - Midnight (same as gate hours). There is a special four hour shift on Wednesday from 3-7pm to double check flagging and placement as well as to help early entry participants find their spots.

Zone Czars on shift will have a radio, map of their zone, and a list with details about all the camps in the area. The InterZone Coordinator/InterZone team will provide a meeting location for each zone where theme camp participants will be directed to meet their zone czar.

Optionally, members of the InterZone team (Zone Czars) can join the City Planning team Sunday before the event to help flag theme camp locations and to get familiar with their zone and the map.

If you have any questions, send an email to

To find out what last years theme camp map looked like, check: The Map!

Please go here to sign up: Signup Sheet